Green Mandarian Essential Oil Mission Glow	Set


Green Mandarian Essential Oil Mission Glow Set

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Provide a Cosmic Glow to your skin! This season, embark Decléor’s shapecraft MISSION GLOW and awaken your senses with the subtleties of the power of Green Mandarin Essential Oil.
This coffret is packed with 2 prodigious antioxidant Green Mandarin essential oil products and one amazing protecting Peppermint essential oil product.
Three steps to cosmic glow:
1. Protect your skin from within with the Peppermint ANTIDOTE. Collect the serum and apply the concentrate on a cleansed face and neck with delicate strokes.
2. Sublimate your complexion with the Green Mandarin SUN-KISSED CREAM. Creates a healthy glow on all skin tones.
3. Purify your skin with Green Mandarin SCRUB MASK. Apply onto cleansed skin with dry fingers. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and then massage before rinsing. The skin is instantly smoothed and radiant.