Advent Calender Essential Exploration
Advent Calender Essential Exploration


Advent Calender Essential Exploration

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5,4,3,2,1,0… The Essential oil exploration is taking off! Start Christmas countdown by discovering the unlimited power of essential oils with Decléor's intergalactic advent calendar! Discover 24 Retail & Deluxe Size cosmic surprises.

1. Rosemary officinalis white clay daily care (50ml)

2. Micro fiber Cleansing Cloth

3. Rosemary officinalis black clay mask (15ml)

4. Rose Damascena Bath & Shower gel (50ml)

5. Peppermint Antidote (10ml)

6. Rosemary officinalis Cleansing gel (50ml)

7. Neroli Bigarade tonyfying lotion (15ml)

8. Green madarin Sun-Kissed Cream (15ml)

9. Rose Damascena night Balm (2,5 ML)

10.Lavender Fine Bath & Shower gel (50ml)

11. Neroli Bigarade Easysnap Aromessence (0,7ml)

12. Neroli Bigarade Light Cream (15ml)

13. Cornflower Eye Cream (15ml)

14. Grapefruit 1000 grains body exfoliator (50ml)

15. Neroli Bigarade Comforting Body Milk (50ml)

16. Neroli Bigarade Cleansing Mousse (50ml)

17. Lavender Fine Light Cream (15ml)

18. Lavender Fine Night Balm (2,5ml)

19. Neroli Bigarade Bath & Shower gel (50ml)

20. Neroli Bigarade BB Cream (15ml)

21. Eucalyptus Cica Balm (15ml)

22. Neroli Bigarade Night balm (2,5ml)

23. White Magnolia Hand & Nail Cream (50ml)

24. Thyme phytopeel (50ml) This reusable calendar contains

24 individual & detachable boxes and is made of FSC mix paper.


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