White Magnolia Essential Oil Mission Regeneration set


White Magnolia Essential Oil Mission Regeneration set

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Propel you skin to another dimension thanks to the all mighty power of White Magnolia Essential Oil. MISSION REGENERATION is the best zero gravity your skin can explore.

This very generous coffret is composed with 4 retail size products to experience a complete anti-ageing routine. Your skin firmed, nourished and lifted. Four steps for eternal youth.

1. Start your day with White Magnolia AROMESSENCE ESSENTIAL OIL SERUM. Thanks to its pipette, it dispenses the right amount needed for your daily use: 3 drops a day. Its scent revitalises the skin and the mind.

2. Keep your skin energized all day long with White Magnolia ABSOLUTE CREAM, whose regenerating properties will treat wrinkles & improve radiance.

3. Every good regenerative sleep starts with the White Magnolia NIGHT BALM, apply a small amount on the face and neck. Overnight,the skin looks plumper and firmer, with a fresh and luminous glow. 4. Finish in style with this nourishing, repairing and protecting HAND & NAIL CREAM that also prevents premature ageing.